It wasn’t that long ago you pushed through the door and came in from the cold
We were killers of time back then
Now we’re sitting here wondering where that time went
We were young enough then not to care
I was drunk on the sound of you climbing the stairs

I think we should plant some seeds and finally start growing that family tree
Little sunlight and love you’ll see
We’ll fill these halls with the sweetest of leaves
One part you and then one part of me
That’s a place that I think we should be

Love is a river
It’s gonna run
Time is a sea that drowns everyone
I can’t swim sweetheart you be the line
I’ll be the anchor now, all in good time

If memory begins to fade and all of our history starts slipping away
Reach for a photograph of a time out of mind when I still made you laugh
It breaks my heart that our time has to pass
But if this ship’s going down then tie me to the mast


You and me sailin out on the sea
You and me sailin
It’s where we should be
I know you can see

Chorus x 2