Day to Day

The alarm clock howls I find my legs
Crawl down the stairs and fry my eggs
I’m wide awake most every night
And gone again before the light

You leave the porch light humming bright
And wait up for me half the night
I come home with this invisible weight
That I cannot articulate
And all the while you’re growing tired
Of my woe is me so uninspired


I’m learning to find my way
Own the mistakes I’ve made
Hoping to finally say
I’ve found some meaning in the day to day

Was it something that I said or did
Won’t you tell me true don’t you keep it hid
I’m not the smartest or softest man
Give me time and help me understand


If you can carry me through
I’ll do the same for you


At the end of a long working day
I dim the lights and make my way
Back across the same old streets
And up the stairs on tired feet
You ask me how the day has been
When the alarm clock gets me up again

We’re learning to find our way
Own the mistakes we’ve made
Hoping to finally say
We found some meaning in the day to day