It’s Worth It (For Leo)

The world has a way of making you dizzy
So you keep your head down and you keep yourself busy
You pass through the day in your own kind of way
And you hope at the end of your time you can say it was worth it
Though no single day will be perfect
Sometimes you’ll find that the sea of your mind
is a tempest so cruel that it leaves you entwined
On the shoreline your heart will come searching
And it’ll be worth it

Time has a way of tearing you down
A life come and gone on a rock spinning round
It pushes and pulls you in thousands of ways
Until you’re silvered and quiet like a long winter’s day but it’s worth it
Though no single day will be perfect
Open your eyes your eyes up as wide as the sky
You can never go back again though you may try and you might spend your whole lifetime searching
But it’ll be worth it

The heart has a way of letting you know
That memory fades then it leaves you alone
But that bloody red beacon inside of your chest is the light that the ones in your life love the best
And its worth it
And if one single memory is perfect
then those left behind will together in kind take their spades to the dirt and unearth it
And it’ll be worth it